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Media Inquiries

For media inquiries and interviews, please reach out to discuss the stories behind my unique writing journey and upcoming launches.


The Indie Files with Jackie Chin Brian Fitzpatrick S1E4

S1E4 Brian Fitzpatrick is the author of the bestselling science fiction trilogy, MECHCRAFT, and the screenwriter for the upcoming science fiction film, THE SIMIAN TRIALS.


Fitzpatrick’s writing journey began at the age of seven after accidentally watching the horror classic, Night of the Living Dead. After a week of sleepless nights, Fitzpatrick put pen to paper and has been creating tales of wonder and terror ever since.


Fitzpatrick grew up on Spielberg, Carpenter, Lucas, Cronenberg, King, Rice, Koontz, and Barker. Science fiction and horror are in his DNA.


The Indie Files with Jackie Chin: Brian Fitzpatrick S1E4 - MOSAIC TV (


Latest Newsletter release. A major update with some announcements sprinkled in. Have a look and subscribe...

Announcing the first new MECHCRAFT in nearly 3 years!

Discover how Sasha became a notorious, relentless villain. MECHCRAFT: THE TRAGEDY OF SASHA coming soon to Kindle Vella.

Excited to announce we have our narrator for MECHCRAFT: CATACLYSM, the epic conclusion to the trilogy.
Singer/Songwriter, Tracy Byrnes, is taking the mic and delivering the final chapter in the trilogy.
Tracy is one half of Americana Rock band, The Fallen Stars, and a huge scifi fan. They wrote and recorded a 3-album set of songs about the TV Series, Firefly.
I'm thrilled to have Tracy on board to bring Jake, Bex, Trent, Sasha, and the Mechcraft Universe to life.
Here's Apples and Knives from the Firefly album.


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