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A teen born with the ability to control sentient shape-shifting nanotech embedded within his own flesh finds himself the unwitting linchpin in an underground war led by a fanatical cult leader.

The Matrix meets Harry Potter, with a dose of Terminator 2.

Mechcraft Novel
Mechcraft Disruption Novel


As teen Jake adapts to his powers and forges a new life within the Phalanx faction, he faces a sinister mass murderer who targets his peers and confronts secrets that revealing nothing is as it seems.

Bladerunner meets Stranger Things.

Mechcraft Cataclysm Novel


Nanotech-infused Jake London must face off against world-destroying entities in a final gambit to save humankind.


Independance Day meets Cthulhu Mythos.


"Buckle up and let your imagination go wild with this instant sci-fi classic!" –Indie's Today

"Fast-paced and action-packed... a blockbuster of a novel with a high-octane narrative." –Readers' Favorite

***This box set includes all three Mechcraft novels and bonus origin story, Sophie's Gambit.

Mechcraft Box Set

Black Ballad Chronicles


Badass warrior mage, Severina, is struck down delivering the killing blow against an evil deity. She wakes in the Sunless Crossing with a soul shard of the dead god embedded within her. With new companions in tow, she makes the perilous journey to Nox Valor to seek aid in removing the shard before a pursuing godless horde resurrects the god or her friends in the living world resurrect her and bring the god to that world.


Traveling with a gargoyle created to protect her, a hypocritical paladin with a secret, a Necromancer on an apology tour, and a spunky elf druid, the party faces two Godless cults, a jilted goddess full of spite, a sinister stitched juggernaut, and the intrusive thoughts of the god himself, Severina fights to gain her freedom and save the Crossing.

The Godless War, the Black Ballad Chronicles
Coming Soon


In a near-future cyberpunk world, hackers are being brutally murdered. Seeking retribution for her dead friends, hacker Freya must solve the mystery while struggling against the local mafia.

Available in the Blood Fiction v2 anthology of challenging fiction.

Deus Ex Synthetica Short Story
Blood Fiction v2 Anthology

The Tragedy of Sasha

Jake's relentless enemy finally gets her story told.

Look for The Tragedy of Sasha on Kindle Vella.

Coming Soon
Mechcraft The Tragedy of Sasha
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