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Brian Fitzpatrick is a bestselling author, produced screenwriter, and speaker in southern California.


Fitzpatrick’s writing journey began at the age of seven after accidentally watching the horror classic, Night of the Living Dead.


After a week of sleepless nights, Fitzpatrick put pen to paper and has been creating tales of wonder and terror ever since.


Fitzpatrick grew up on Spielberg, Carpenter, Lucas, Cronenberg, King, Rice, Koontz, and Barker.

Science fiction and horror are in his DNA.

Brian Fitzpatrick speaking engagement

With a bestselling scifi trilogy, a produced screenplay, an expanding transmedia franchise, multiple contest placements, and continuous paid assignments and commissions in my arsenal, I moved into the speaking and consulting arena.


My passion is to assist newer writers on their journey into fiction, screenwriting, publishing, and marketing, helping them to navigate their path and avoid mistakes I made.

Additionally, I speak on a wide variety of topics, including mindset, perseverance, novel and short story writing, screenplay writing, contests and publishing paths, author marketing, and more.

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How Can I Help You?

  • Open Writing Assignments

  • Fiction Writing

  • Screenwriting

  • Ghostwriting

  • Comic Book Writing

  • Video Game Writing

  • Script/Book Consulting

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Writer Retreats

  • Workshops

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